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Choose Your Plan

Choose Your Plan
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Our Benefits 

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Our Staff

​Let’s Glow only employs dental assistants so you can know that your treatment will be fun, safe, and effective. Not only are we licensed and trained to administer this service, but we go above-and-beyond to make sure you get the GLOW JOB ™ you deserve.  ​



  • Our whitening studios are well equipped to give our customers the most efficient and comfortable experience out there! 

  • We have multiple locations including a mobile trailer where we can come to you!



​Our mission is to help our customers achieve their brightest smiles! Giving the best GLOW JOBS ™ in town. Here at Let’s Glow, we make teeth whitening easy, relaxing and comfortable.  In just 80 minutes, we can help you achieve the results you would see in 4-6 months with an at-home whitening kit. 

What Makes Us 


Our all-natural product is safe on your teeth, gums and dental work. It’s been proven to whiten teeth with little-to-no sensitivity. Talk about the ultimate GLOW JOB ™


We Believe

Smiles Are Contagious

This was an awesome experience.


Teeth whitening that doesn't hurt your teeth and is natural. The process was super smooth and my teeth went from a shade 11 to a shade 5. There definitely was a big difference. None of the process hurt my gums either. I highly recommend everyone tried Let's Glow!

- Bryson Smith


I would recommend Let’s Glow to anyone!


The atmosphere here is so fun, clean, and professional. The product was great and I had zero sensitivity. My teeth whitened 12 shades - from a 18 to a 6! 



- Kylar Johnson

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My experience was so amazing!!


I can’t believe how white my teeth went!! Yay!! I was so comfortable and relaxed. The worker was awesome!!






- JoLynn Hooley

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